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Country Nicknames


🇵🇰Pakistan - The Land Of Clean And Pure People 
🇵🇭Philippines – The Pearl of the Orient Seas
🇹🇭 Thailand – Land of Smiles
🇱🇰Sri Lanka – India’s Teardrop
🇰🇷South Korea – Land of the Morning Calm
🇰🇵North Korea – The Hermit Kingdom
🇲🇳Mongolia – Land of Blue Sky
🇯🇵Japan – Land of the Rising Sun
🇲🇨Indonesia – the Emerald of the Equator
🇨🇳China – The Red Dragon
🇧🇹Bhutan – Land of the Thunder Dragon
🇸🇬Singapore – The Lion City
🇭🇰Hong Kong – Asia’s World City
🇲🇴Macau – Vegas of the East
🇸🇾Iraq – Cradle of Ancient Civilization
🇲🇲Myanmar – Land of the Golden Pagodas
🇦🇫Afghanistan – Graveyard of Empires
🇺🇦Ukraine – The Bread Basket of Europe
🇨🇭Switzerland – Land of Milk and Honey
🇸🇮Slovenia – The Sunny Side of the Alps 
🇪🇸Spain – The Land of the Clear Sun
🇮🇹Italy – The Boot
🇮🇪Ireland – The Emerald Isle
🇦🇽Iceland – Land of Fire and Ice
🇫🇷France – L’hexagone
🇫🇮Finland – Land of Thousand Lakes
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿England – Land of Hope and Glory
🇧🇾Belarus – The White Rus
🇦🇱Albania – Land of the Eagles
🇦🇹Austria – Land of Beauty and Music
🇻🇪Venezuela – Land of Grace
🇺🇸 The United States of America – The Land of the Free
🇵🇾Paraguay – The Island Surrounded by Land
🇬🇾Guyana – Land of Many Waters
🇨🇱Chile – Land of Poets
🇨🇦Canada – The Great White North
🇧🇷Brazil – Land of the Palms (Pindorama)
🇵🇪Peru – Land of the Incas "A beautiful overlooking view of Rio"
🇱🇧Lebanon – Switzerland of the Middle East
🇮🇱Israel – The Holy Land
"A bunch of beautiful historic sites in Lebanon"
🇳🇿New Zealand – Land of the Long White Cloud
🇦🇺Australia – Land Down Under
"The sprightly Kangaroos in Australia"
🇿🇦South Africa – Rainbow Nation
🇷🇼Rwanda – Land of a Thousand Hills
🇲🇬Madagascar – The Red Island
🇱🇸Lesotho – The Kingdom In the Sky
🇪🇬Egypt – The Gift of the Nile

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