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SHORT STORY: A Day In Search Of Donation

One weekend, The Scouts Society of Zainal's school held A Day In Search Of Donation.

      Zainal and his friends went in search of donation from many people.

They did odd jobs to get donations from people.

      Among the odd jobs they did were cleaning the compound, burning rubbish and many more.

When their work was done, they were given some money by the houseowners to be donated to the scouts of their school.

      Zainal and his friends succeeded in collecting RM52.00.

On their way back, Zainal and his friends tried to ask for donation at a rich man's house.

      The rich man handed a sum of RM50.00 to them.

"Take this donation. You don't have to do anything for uncle. Uncle does not want to tire you," said the good hearted rich man.

"Thank you, Sir! But we cannot take donations without doing any odd jobs," said Zainal to the rich man.

      "Uncle does not want you to do anything. My compound is already clean," said the rich man while smiling.

"If that is so, let us water the flowers for you," Zainal suggested.

      The rich man was happy on hearing the suggestion.

      Zainal and his friends watered the flowers in the rich man's compound.

 When the job was completed, the rich man added his donation another RM50.00. Zainal and friends were very shocked.

      "Uncle, this is too much!" Zainal said to the rich man.

"Oh, never mind! Uncle feel very happy. You are all very trustworthy, hardworking and responsible," said the rich man again.

      Zainal and his friend were very happy. Their group had collected the most money for The Scouts Society of their school.

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