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SHORT STORY: A Bundle Of Sticks

At the end of a village, there was an old farmer. He lived with his wife who was sick. They had five sons.

Their sons were already grown-ups but they were very lazy. They only wanted to eat.
The farmer was really worried about his sons. His sons were jealous of each other and they always fought.

One day, the farmer had an idea. He called all his sons. He advised his sons.
The farmer gave a stick to each of his sons. He asked them to break the stick. All his sons could break the sticks easily.

Then, the farmer took a bundle of sticks. He gave each of his sons, a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break the bundle of sticks.

They could not break the bundle of sticks.

"You are all like a piece of stick which is easily broken," said the farmer.
"If you cooperated like the bunch of sticks, you will not be easily defeated by others," advised the farmer again.

His sons were on good terms again. They cooperated to help their parents. They helped to do work together.

Their domestic animals had increased. Their farms were fertile. The farmer was very happy now that his children had worked together.

Living in cooperation is always a blessing.

Catat Ulasan for "SHORT STORY: A Bundle Of Sticks"